The Kessen Bowl at Staithes


High Street, Staithes, Saltburn-By-The-Sea Cleveland TS13 5BH

Tel: 01947 841401


Kessen Bowl

The Kessen Bowl, Staithes, North Yorkshire.

The Kessen Bowl at Staithes

Image by dated: July, 2004



This is a traditional English gift shop, just what one expects to find at the seaside. But as Staithes is famous for the Staithes Group of Artists it attracts many who wish to draw or paint in the same location. It is useful to know that you can top up on basic art materials from the Kessen Bowl.

If you have been paying attention to the other business pages about Staithes you will have noted that you can buy milk in the Post Office and screws in the Gift Shop, so it stands to reason that the Kessen Bowl has many items that one would expect to find in a Chemists!